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Bradyphagia Excavate Regurgitate mp3
[taken from the split 7" with Neuro-Visceral Exhumation]

Captain Cleanoff
Scatfest mp3
[from the debut self titled MCD]

The Final Giallo mp3
[from the split CD with Fuck...I'm Dead]

Fuck...I'm Dead
Anal Abattoir mp3
[from the split CD with Engorged]

Gruesome Stuff Relish
The Last Survivor mp3
[from the split CD with Splatterhouse]

Neuro-Visceral Exhumation
Ultra Massive Assassination Procedures
[taken from the Mass Murder Festival CD]

Splatterhouse mp3
[from the split CD with Gruesome Stuff Relish]

The Day Everything Became Nothing
Naked mp3
[from the full length CD 'Le Mort']

The Kill
We Want Blood
[from the 'The Soundtrack to your violence' MCD]

Vaginal Carnage
On The Brasko mp3
[taken from the debut MCD 'Dildo Detention']

A Gruesome Find - Ravens Of The Full Moon Eclipse (USA)
"Embodying The Spirit Of Evil" (Online Jan. 2004)
"Ravens Of The Full Moon Eclipse" (Online Jan. 2004)
"Upon The Throne Of Chaos" (Online Jan. 2004)
Aaskereia - Mit Raben Und W÷lfen (Germany)
"Aaskereia" (Online Jan. 2004)
"Hexensabbat" (Online Jan. 2004)
Abaddon - De Occulta Philosophia (Germany)
"Dein Sancta Sanctorum" (Online Feb. 2004)
"Nunquam Mores" (Online Feb. 2004)
Abismo Eterno - La Ultima Elegia Del Guardian (Ecuador)
"Se Vistiˇ De Rosas El Silencio" (Online Feb. 2004)
Aebsence - Unusual (Hungary)
"Azure" (Online Mar. 2004)
"Domestic Orders Only" (Online Mar. 2004)
Agony Scene, The - s/t (USA)
"The Damned" (Online Jan. 2004)
"We Bury Our Dead At Dawn" (Online Jan. 2004)
Akercocke - Choronzon (Great Britain)
"Becoming The Adversary" (Online Jan. 2004)
"Enraptured By Evil" (Online Jan. 2004)
"Praise The Name Of Satan" (Online Jan. 2004)
Alaska Fire - Falling Fire (Germany)
"Falling Fire" (Online Mar. 2004)
"Out Of The Dark" (Online Mar. 2004)
Alias Eye - A Different Point Of View (Germany)
"Fake The Right" (Online Mar. 2004)
"Icarus Unworded" (Online Mar. 2004)
"On The Fringe" (Online Mar. 2004)
All Out War - Condemned To Suffer (USA)
"Bleeding The Weak" (Online Jan. 2004)
Alma Mater - Rising Tide (Spain)
"My Buried Love" (Online Jan. 2004)
"Wicked Illness" (Online Jan. 2004)
Amaran - Pristine In Bondage (Sweden)
"Atropine" (Online Feb. 2004)
"Coming Home" (Online Feb. 2004)
"Inflict" (Online Feb. 2004)
"Primal Nature" (Online Feb. 2004)
Amorphis - Elegy (Finland)
"Better Unborn" (Online Feb. 2004)
Andralls - Force Against Mind (Brazil)
"Beyond The Chaos" (Online Dec. 2003)
Angus - Track Of Doom/Warrior Of The World (Netherlands)
"Freedom Fighter" (Online Feb. 2004)
"If There's A God In Heaven" (Online Feb. 2004)
"Leather And Lace" (Online Feb. 2004)
"Moving Fast" (Online Feb. 2004)
"Track Of Doom" (Online Feb. 2004)
"Warrior Of The World" (Online Feb. 2004)
"When Giants Collide" (Online Feb. 2004)

Anthrax - Weve Come For You All (USA)
"What Doesnt Die" (Online Mar. 2004)
Antimatter - Live @ K13 (Great Britain)
"Going Nowhere/Destiny" (Online Jan. 2003)
Antimatter - Saviour (Great Britain)
"Psalms" (Online Jan. 2003)
Anubis - Kassandra (Germany)
"K÷rper aus Glas" (Online Jan. 2004)
"Pantha" (Online Jan. 2004)
"Ruinen" (Online Jan. 2004)
Anubis - Reflections (Germany)
"Burn The Empire" (Online Jan. 2004)
"Drawned Again" (Online Jan. 2004)
"Falling Apart Eternally" (Online Jan. 2004)
"Out Of The Line" (Online Jan. 2004)
Apostasy - Cell 666 (Sweden)
"Icon" (Online Feb. 2004)
Arch Enemy - Stigmata (Sweden)
"Beast Of Man" (Online Feb. 2004)
"Stigmata" (Online Feb. 2004)
Arch, John - A Twist Of Fate (USA)
"Relentless" (Online Jan. 2004)
Archaicus - The Elder Scape (Great Britain)
"Intro / Whillom, To Perpetual Ruin" (Online Feb. 2004)
"Rites Of Passage: Blood Empowered " (Online Feb. 2004)
"Unto Longing Wanhope" (Online Feb. 2004)

Arkhan - Dead End (Switzerland)
"Dead Lady's Diary" (Online Feb. 2004)
"Nemesis" (Online Feb. 2004)
"The Lonely Prisoner" (Online Feb. 2004)
Armagedda - The Final War Approaching (Sweden)
"Deathminded" (Online Jan. 2004)

Arthemis - Golden Dawn (Italy)
"Arthemis" (Online Feb. 2004)
"Black Rain" (Online Feb. 2004)
"Fire Set Us Free" (Online Feb. 2004)
"From Hell To Hell" (Online Feb. 2004)
"Golden Dawn" (Online Feb. 2004)
"Master Of The Souls" (Online Feb. 2004)
"Might For Right" (Online Feb. 2004)
"The Axe Is Coming" (Online Feb. 2004)
"The End Of The World" (Online Feb. 2004)
"The Traveller" (Online Feb. 2004)
As It Burns - Mortal Dusk (Netherlands)
"God Is A Souvenir" (Online Jan. 2004)
Ashent - s/t (Italy)
"Awakened Transitions" (Online Feb. 2004)
Asterius - A Moment Of Singularity (Germany)
"Frozen Zodiac" (Online Jan. 2004)
At Vance - The Evil In You (Germany)
"Fallen Angel" (Online Jan. 2004)
"The Curtain Will Fall" (Online Jan. 2004)
"The Evil In You" (Online Jan. 2004)
Attacker - Soul Taker (USA)
"Sleepy Hollow" (Online Feb. 2004)
"The End" (Video) (Online Feb. 2004)
"Tortured" (Online Feb. 2004)
Axenstar - Far From Heaven (Sweden)
"Abandoned" (Online Jan. 2004)
"Blind Leading The Blind" (Online Jan. 2004)
Axxis - Time Machine (Germany)
"Angel Of Death" (Online Mar. 2004)
"Wind In The Night (Shalom)" (Online Mar. 2004)

B - 53 MP3s

Barilari - s/t (Argentina)
"Beginning And End" (Online Jan. 2004)
"Master Of The Dark" (Online Jan. 2004)
"Your Private Conquest" (Online Jan. 2004)
Belphegor - Lucifer Incestus (Austria)
"The Goatchrist" (Online Jan. 2004)
Benighted - Heljafor (Sweden)
"Heljafor" (Online Jan. 2004)
"Into The Sea Of Nothing" (Online Jan. 2004)
"The Dying Age" (Online Jan. 2004)
"The Tide" (Online Jan. 2004)
Between The Buried And Me - The Silent Circus (USA)
"Mordecai" (Online Dec. 2003)
Beyond Surface - Destinations End (Germany)
"Destination's End" (Online Mar. 2004)
"Don't Let It Go" (Online Mar. 2004)
"From The Mountain" (Online Mar. 2004)
BK-49 - Join The Dead (Germany)
"I'll Dig Your Grave" (Online Feb. 2004)
Black Box Pilot - Rigor Mortis (Germany)
"Newonia" (Online Aug. 2003)
"Your Love" (Online Aug. 2003)
Black Harvest - Shrine Of Hours (USA)
"Funeral Feast" (Online Feb. 2004)
"The Grey Hours" (Online Feb. 2004)
"Victim" (Online Feb. 2004)
Black Majesty - Sands Of Time (Australia)
"Beyond Reality" (Online Jan. 2004)
"Fall Of The Reich" (Online Jan. 2004)
"Guardian" (Online Jan. 2004)

Black Widow - Satan's Playground (USA)
"Black Sunshine" (Online Jan. 2004)
"Ends Of The Earth" (Online Jan. 2004)
"Satan's Playground" (Online Jan. 2004)
"The Unknown" (Online Jan. 2004)
"You're Guilty" (Online Jan. 2004)
Blodsrit - Ocularis Infernum (Sweden)
"I Sorg For Syndens Saknad" (Online Jan. 2004)
"The Glorious Rise Of The Flames" (Online Jan. 2004)

Blowsight - Promo (Sweden)
"Breather" (Online Jan. 2004)
"What If I" (Online Jan. 2004)
"When You're Drunk" (Online Jan. 2004)
"Your Bedroom" (Online Jan. 2004)
Bolt Thrower - HonourValourPride (Great Britain)
"Inside The Wire" (Online Feb. 2004)
"Pride" (Online Feb. 2004)
Borknagar - The Olden Domain (Norway)
"The Dawn Of The End" (Online Mar. 2004)
Bowes & Morley - Mo's Barbeque (Great Britain)
"Come Together In The Morning" (Online Mar. 2004)
"Desire" (Online Mar. 2004)
Breakneck - Peaches & Cream (Great Britain)
"Born For Dying" (Online Dec. 2003)
"Fallacy" (Online Dec. 2003)
"RedRum" (Online Dec. 2003)
"Social Exclusion" (Online Dec. 2003)
"The Messiah" (Online Dec. 2003)
Brutus - Slachtbeest (Netherlands)
"Onan" (Online Feb. 2004)
Bugen Hagen - Expulsion (Germany)
"It Shall Never Be Done" (Online Feb. 2004)
"These Things Must Be Nipped In The Bud" (Online Feb. 2004)
Burden Of Grief - Fields Of Salvation (Germany)
"Dead Soul Decline" (Online Feb. 2004)
"Desaster And Decay" (Online Feb. 2004)
"Fields Of Salvation" (Online Feb. 2004)
"The Nightmare Within" (Online Feb. 2004)
Burial Ground - Born Into Extinction (Sampler) (USA)
"Born Into Extinction" (Online Feb. 2004)
"Trophy" (Online Feb. 2004)
Byatis - In Dark Abysses Of Memory (France)
"The Empire Is..." (Online Jan. 2004)
"Waiting" (Online Jan. 2004)

C - 73 MP3s

Calmsite - Bite The Powerline (Finland)
"Dienasty" (Online Jan. 2004)
"Melting The Frost" (Online Jan. 2004)
"Skinning Service" (Online Jan. 2004)
Calmsite - Deadweight (Finland)
"Grace The Doll" (Online Feb. 2003)
"Heavy Breeder" (Online Feb. 2003)
"Payment In Full" (Online Feb. 2003)
Cannae - Horror (USA)
"Symmetry Of Fear" (Online Mar. 2004)
Cannibal Corpse - The Wretched Spawn (USA)
"Cyanide Assassin" (Online Jan. 2004)
"Cyanide Assassin" (Online Feb. 2004)
"Severed Head Stoning" (Online Jan. 2004)
"Severed Head Stoning" (Online Feb. 2004)
Casketgarden - This Corroded Soul Of Mine (Hungary)
"Non-Existent" (Online Mar. 2004)
"Song Of Tears" (Online Mar. 2004)
Castrum - Mysterious Yet Unwearied (Ukra´ne)
"Sinister Omens" (Online Jan. 2004)
"Suffocating Thugs" (Online Jan. 2004)
"The Gate Of The Universal Mystery" (Online Jan. 2004)
Celestial Sorrow - Despair Within Me (Finland)
"Concealed Torment" (Online Jan. 2004)
"Farewell After All" (Online Jan. 2004)
"Significant Decision" (Online Jan. 2004)
"Wavering Existence" (Online Jan. 2004)

Celtic Legacy - Resurrection (Ireland)
"Always The Hero" (Online Feb. 2004)
"Emania - Shadows Of Moonlight" (Online Feb. 2004)
"Live By The Sword" (Online Feb. 2004)
"Resurrection" (Online Feb. 2004)
"Timeless" (Online Feb. 2004)
"When A Stranger Comes" (Online Feb. 2004)
Charon - Downhearted (Finland)
"Bitter Joy" (Online Jan. 2004)
"Come Tonight" (Online Jan. 2004)
"Erase Me" (Online Jan. 2004)
"Little Angel" (Online Jan. 2004)
"Sister Misery" (Online Jan. 2004)
Charon - Tearstained (Finland)
"As We Die" (Online Jan. 2004)
"Sorrowbringer" (Online Jan. 2004)
"Worthless" (Online Jan. 2004)

Celtic Legacy - Resurrection (Ireland)
"Always The Hero" (Online Feb. 2004)
"Emania - Shadows Of Moonlight" (Online Feb. 2004)
"Live By The Sword" (Online Feb. 2004)
"Resurrection" (Online Feb. 2004)
"Timeless" (Online Feb. 2004)
"When A Stranger Comes" (Online Feb. 2004)
Charon - Downhearted (Finland)
"Bitter Joy" (Online Jan. 2004)
"Come Tonight" (Online Jan. 2004)
"Erase Me" (Online Jan. 2004)
"Little Angel" (Online Jan. 2004)
"Sister Misery" (Online Jan. 2004)
Charon - Tearstained (Finland)
"As We Die" (Online Jan. 2004)
"Sorrowbringer" (Online Jan. 2004)
"Worthless" (Online Jan. 2004)
Charon - The Dying Daylights (Finland)
"Death Can Dance" (Online Jan. 2004)
"Every Failure" (Online Jan. 2004)
"Guilt On Skin" (Online Jan. 2004)
"If" (Online Jan. 2004)
"In Brief War" (Online Jan. 2004)
"In Trust Of No One" (Online Jan. 2004)
"Religious/Delicious" (Online Jan. 2004)
Cheesy - Beg (Netherlands)
"Backseatboy" (Online Feb. 2004)
"Get It On" (Online Feb. 2004)
"Get It On" (Online Feb. 2004)
"Words" (Online Feb. 2004)
Complex 7 - Process (Germany)
"Interactive" (Online Feb. 2004)
"Toadstool" (Online Feb. 2004)
"Torn" (Online Feb. 2004)
"Trust" (Online Feb. 2004)
"Vicious Circle" (Online Feb. 2004)
Concept - Reason And Truth (Italy)
"Death Of Reason (Pt.1: Suspicion And Analogy)" (Online Jan. 2004)
"Elegy Of Truth" (Online Jan. 2004)
"Living A Lie" (Online Jan. 2004)
"Power After Power" (Online Jan. 2004)
Consortium Project III - Terra Incognita (V/A)
"Spirit Of Kindness" (Online Jan. 2004)
Conspiracy A.D. - Humanity = Destruction (The End Is Near) (Italy)
"Enslavement" (Online Mar. 2004)
"Killers Of Justice" (Online Mar. 2004)
"Warfare Part II" (Online Mar. 2004)
Corpus Mortale - With Lewd Demeanor (Denmark)
"Sombre And Vile" (Online Mar. 2004)
Crematorium - A World Where Only Nightmares Prevail (USA)
"Carved From Deceit" (Online Mar. 2004)
"Cast The Stone" (Online Mar. 2004)
"Unlearn" (Online Mar. 2004)
"Whiplash (Metallica Cover)" (Online Mar. 2004)
Crematorium - For All Our Sins (USA)
"Cast The Stone" (Online Mar. 2004)
"The Murder Process" (Online Mar. 2004)
Crikey - Welcome To My World (Germany)
"Beg For..." (Online Mar. 2004)
"Leave" (Online Mar. 2004)
Criminal - No Gods No Masters (Chile)
"No Return" (Online Mar. 2004)
Crom - The Fallen Beauty E.P. (Germany)
"The Fallen Beauty" (Online Jan. 2004)
Crown, The - Possessed 13 (Sweden)
"Zombiefied" (Online Jan. 2004)
Cryptopsy - None So Vile (Canada)
"Phobophile" (Online Dec. 2003)
Cryptopsy - Whisper Supremacy (Canada)
"Cold Hate, Warm Blood" (Online Jan. 2004)
Crysknife - Disbelieve (USA)
"Blast Furnace" (Online Feb. 2004)


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