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D - 85 MP3s

Dai Lo - The Constant Threat Of Accidental Death (Great Britain)
"The Devil's Prize" (Online Jan. 2004)
Dark At Dawn - Of Decay And Desire (Germany)
"...And The Sea Wept" (Online Jan. 2004)
"End Of Ice - Warriorqueen" (Online Jan. 2004)
"Soulitude" (Online Jan. 2004)
"The Sleepwalker" (Online Jan. 2004)
Dark Avenger - X Dark Years (Brazil)
"Unleash Hell" (Online Feb. 2004)
Dark Moor - s/t (Spain)
"From Hell" (Online Jan. 2004)
"Wind Like Stroke" (Online Jan. 2004)
Dark Suns - Swanlike (Germany)
"Infiltration" (Online Mar. 2004)
"Swanlike" (Online Mar. 2004)
"The Sun Beyond Your Eden" (Online Mar. 2004)
Dark Tranquillity - Damage Done (Sweden)
"Damage Done" (Online Feb. 2004)
"Monochromatic Stains" (Online Feb. 2004)
"Monochromatic Stains" (Video) (Online Feb. 2004)
Darkane - Expanding Senses (Sweden)
"Fatal Impact" (Online Jan. 2004)
"Innocence Gone" (Online Jan. 2004)
Dawn Of Defiance - Summoning Death (Uruguay)
"Haunted Dreams" (Online Feb. 2004)
"Summoning Death" (Online Feb. 2004)
Dawnsight - A Red Sun Rising (Germany)
"Drowning Tears" (Online Mar. 2004)
"Farewell, My Friend" (Online Mar. 2004)
"The Devil In Me" (Online Mar. 2004)
"Without A Sign" (Online Mar. 2004)
Deacon Street Project - s/t (Sweden)
"Changes" (Online Mar. 2004)
"Find Me A Meaning" (Online Mar. 2004)
"I Don't Mind" (Online Mar. 2004)
"Radio" (Online Mar. 2004)
Deathchain - Deadmeat Disciples (Finland)
"Chaos Wartech" (Online Feb. 2004)
"March Of The Thousand Legions" (Online Feb. 2004)
"Skeletal Claws" (Online Feb. 2004)

Deathwitch - Violence Blasphemy Sodomy (Sweden)
"Coffin Fornicator" (Online Feb. 2004)
"Necrosodomizer" (Online Feb. 2004)
Debauchery - Kill Maim Burn (Germany)
"Kill Maim Burn" (Online Dec. 2003)
Decapitated - The Negation (Poland)
"Lying And Weak" (Online Feb. 2004)
"The Fury" (Online Feb. 2004)
Decrepit Birth - ...And The Time Begins (USA)
"...And Time Begins" (Online Jan. 2004)
"Condemned To Nothingness" (Online Jan. 2004)
Degenerate - s/t (Finland)
"Blinded" (Online Mar. 2004)
"Displacement" (Online Mar. 2004)
Deicide - Scars Of The Crucifix (USA)
"Scars Of The Crucifix" (Online Feb. 2004)
Demental - Tales Of Alienation (Canada)
"Visionary Man" (Online Mar. 2004)
Demilich - Nespithe (Finland)
"Raped Embalmed Beauty Sleep" (Online Mar. 2004)
"The Planet That Once Used To Absorb Flesh In Order To Achieve Divinity And Immortality (Suffocated To The Flesh That Is Desired)" (Online Mar. 2004)
"When The Sun Drank The Weight Of Water" (Online Mar. 2004

Denata - Art Of The Insane (Sweden)
"Art Of The Insane" (Online Dec. 2003)
Despond - Supreme Funeral Oration (France)
"Grief" (Online Jan. 2004)
Devil Driver - s/t (USA)
"Die (And Die Now)" (Online Jan. 2004)
"I Could Care Less" (Online Jan. 2004)
Diabolical - Synergy (Sweden)
"Suicidal Glory" (Online Feb. 2004)
Dies Ater - Chanting Evil (Germany)
"Rausch der Macht" (Online Jan. 2004)
Dimmu Borgir - Spiritual Black Dimensions (Norway)
"The Insight And The Catharsis" (Online Mar. 2004)
Dionysus - Anima Mundi (Sweden)
"Anima Mundi" (Online Mar. 2004)
Dismember - Where Ironcrosses Grow (Sweden)
"Where Ironcrosses Grow" (Online Mar. 2004)
Dissection - Live Legacy (Sweden)
"At The Fathomless Depths" (Online Jan. 2004)
"Frozen" (Online Jan. 2004)
"Retribution - Storm Of The Light's Bane" (Online Jan. 2004)
"The Somberlain" (Online Jan. 2004)
"Thorns Of Crimson Death" (Online Jan. 2004)
"Unhallowed" (Online Jan. 2004)
"Where Dead Angels Lie" (Online Jan. 2004)
Dokken - Long Way Home (USA)
"Goodbye My Friend" (Online Mar. 2004)
"Little Girl" (Online Mar. 2004)
"Under The Gun" (Online Mar. 2004)
"You" (Online Mar. 2004)
Dope Stars Inc. - 10,000 Watts Of Artificial Pleasures (Italy)
"10,000 Watts Of Artificial Pleasures" (Online Mar. 2004)
"Infection 13" (Online Mar. 2004)
Dragonheart - Throne Of The Alliance (Brazil)
"Mountain Of The Rising Storm" (Online Jan. 2004)
"Sunrise In The Akronis Sky" (Online Jan. 2004)
"The Blacksmith" (Online Jan. 2004)
Drawn And Quartered - Extermination Revelry (USA)
"Kill For My Master" (Online Jan. 2004)
Dream Weaver - Words Carved Within (Greece)
"Back From The North" (Online Feb. 2004)
"Burn The Sun" (Online Feb. 2004)
"Wings Of Forever" (Online Feb. 2004)
Drillpoint - Snapperhead (Canada)
"Eye Awake" (Online Feb. 2004)
"Faking" (Online Feb. 2004)
"Hollow Man" (Online Feb. 2004)
"Shoved" (Online Feb. 2004)
"Sick Mind" (Online Feb. 2004)
"Snapperhead" (Online Feb. 2004)
Duskfall, The - The Source (Sweden)
"Cave Closed" (Online Feb. 2004)
"Guidance" (Online Feb. 2004)
"Source" (Online Feb. 2004)
"Striving To Have Nothing" (Online Feb. 2004)
"The Grand Scheme003" (Online Feb. 2004)
Dyecrest - The Way Of Pain (Finland)
"For All The Weak" (Online Feb. 2004)
Dying Tears - Spleen & Hope (France)
"Beneath The Souls" (Online Mar. 2004)

E - 40 MP3s

Eeriness - A Life Beyond The Shades Of Time (Switzerland)
"Dead Souls Embrace" (Online Jul. 2003)
"Dead Souls Embrace" (Online Jan. 2004)
"Grotesque Misery" (Online Jan. 2004)
"Grotesque Misery" (Online Jul. 2003)
"November - Thy Weakness" (Online Jul. 2003)
"November - Thy Weekness" (Online Jan. 2004)
Elixir - The Idol (Great Britain)
"Born Loser" (Online Feb. 2004)
"Born To Die" (Online Feb. 2004)
"Deal With The Devil" (Online Feb. 2004)
"Death Dealer" (Online Feb. 2004)
"Devil Rider" (Online Feb. 2004)
"Moonlight" (Online Feb. 2004)
"Playing With Fire" (Online Feb. 2004)
"The Idol" (Online Feb. 2004)
"The Storm" (Online Feb. 2004)
Emperor - IX Equilibrium (Norway)
"Curse You All Men" (Online Feb. 2004)
"Sworn" (Online Feb. 2004)
End7 - 6543210 (Finland)
"Moments Of One" (Online Mar. 2004)
"Prime" (Online Mar. 2004)
Enraged - Presence Of Fear (USA)
"Circle Of Hell" (Online Mar. 2004)
"Dead Friend" (Online Mar. 2004)
"Serial Killer" (Online Mar. 2004)
"Worth" (Online Mar. 2004)
Eros Necropsique - Crises De Lucidité (France)
"Ce Que Charrie Le Flot De Vie" (Online Mar. 2004)
"La Pluie Dor" (Online Mar. 2004)
Escape - Truth? (Great Britain)
"Fight For A New Day" (Online Mar. 2004)
Esoteric - Metamorphogenesis (Great Britain)
"Dissident" (Online Mar. 2004)
"Psychotropic Transgression" (Online Mar. 2004)
"The Secret Of The Secret" (Online Mar. 2004)
Estertor - Between Silence And Light (Bolivia)
"Hunting Lost Dreams" (Online Jan. 2004)
"Ride To The Unknown" (Online Jan. 2004)
Eternal Oath - Righteous (Sweden)
"Crown Of Emptiness" (Online Feb. 2004)
"Preserve The Emotions" (Online Feb. 2004)
"The Tears For Time" (Online Feb. 2004)
Euphrosyne - Sum Of Choices (Finland)
"Broken Friend" (Online Jan. 2004)
"Sum Of Choices" (Online Jan. 2004)
Evil Bards - Through The Mask Of Solitude (Italy)
"Child Of Arrogance" (Online Mar. 2004)
"Rose Of Tears" (Online Mar. 2004)
Exodus - Tempo Of The Damned (USA)
"War Is My Shepherd" (Online Feb. 2004)
Extol - Synergy (Norway)
"Grace For Succession" (Online Feb. 2004)

F - 30 MP3s

Fahrenheit - Epic Enter (Mexico)
"Dark Storm" (Online Feb. 2004)
"The Sea" (Online Feb. 2004)
Falconer - The Spectre Of Deception (Sweden)
"Coronation" (Online Jan. 2004)
"Night Of Infamy" (Online Jan. 2004)
Falkirk - Magnus Imperium (France)
"Calling" (Online Feb. 2003)
"Into The Flames" (Online Feb. 2003)
Fates Warning - A Pleasant Shade Of Gray (USA)
"A Pleasant Shade Of Gray II" (Online Mar. 2004)
"A Pleasant Shade Of Gray IV" (Online Mar. 2004)
"A Pleasant Shade Of Gray VII" (Online Mar. 2004)
Fates Warning - No Exit (USA)
"Silent Cries" (Online Jan. 2004)
Fearer - Descent (Germany)
"Back To Base" (Online Jan. 2004)
"Descent" (Online Jan. 2004)
"Level Of Violence" (Online Jan. 2004)
"Level Of Violence" (Online Jan. 2004)
"Level Of Violence" (Online Jan. 2004)

Festina Lenté - Welcome To The Lunapark (Netherlands)
"Avalon" (Online Jan. 2004)
"Bumblebee" (Online Jan. 2004)
"Clove" (Online Jan. 2004)
"Lunapark" (Online Jan. 2004)
"Pretty Path" (Online Jan. 2004)
"Trance" (Online Jan. 2004)
Fire Trails - Vanadium Tribute (Italy)
"Get Up Shake Up" (Online Jan. 2004)
"Goin' On" (Online Jan. 2004)
"Streets Of Danger" (Online Jan. 2004)
Force Of Evil - s/t (Denmark)
"Eye Of The Storm" (Online Feb. 2004)
"Hell On Earth" (Online Feb. 2004)
"The Calling" (Online Feb. 2004)
Forsaken, The - Traces Of The Past (Sweden)
"Time To Die" (Online Jan. 2004)
Fragments Of Unbecoming - Skywards-A Sylphe's Ascension (Germany)
"Shape Of The Pursuers" (Online Jan. 2004)
FuckI'm Dead - Bring On The Dead (Australia)
"Colon Commando" (Online Jan. 2004)

G - 47 MP3s

Gama Bomb - The Fatal Mission (Northern Ireland)
"Mutually Assured Destruction" (Online Feb. 2004)
"The Survival Option" (Online Feb. 2004)
Gamma Ray - Skeletons In The Close (Germany)
"Armageddom" (Online Jan. 2004)
"Gardens Of The Sinner" (Online Jan. 2004)
"No Return" (Online Jan. 2004)
Gathering, The - Sleepy Buildings (Netherlands)
"Saturnine" (Online Feb. 2004)
Gemini Five - Babylon Rockets (Sweden)
"Automaticool" (Online Jan. 2004)
"Babylon Rockets" (Online Jan. 2004)
"Myself Esteem" (Online Jan. 2004)
"TwentyFourSeven" (Online Jan. 2004)
"You Spin Me Round (Like A Record)" (Online Jan. 2004)
Goat Horn - Storming The Gates (Canada)
"Fortress Doomed" (Online Jan. 2004)
"Rotten Roll" (Online Jan. 2004)
God Dethroned - Into The Lungs Of Hell (Netherlands)
"The Warcult" (Online Feb. 2004)
God Forbid - Better Days (USA)
"Better Days" (Online Jan. 2004)

Godiva - s/t (Switzerland)
"Bullshit Lover" (Online Jan. 2004)
"Cold Blood" (Online Jan. 2004)
"Heavy Metal Thunder" (Online Jan. 2004)
"Let The Tanks Roll" (Online Jan. 2004)
"Nightmare" (Online Jan. 2004)
"One Shot" (Online Jan. 2004)
"Razorblade Romantic" (Online Jan. 2004)
"Riding Through Time" (Online Jan. 2004)
"Sinner" (Online Jan. 2004)
"The Gate (Intro)" (Online Jan. 2004)
"Where Angels Die" (Online Jan. 2004)
Gorerotted - Only Tools And Corpses (Great Britain)
"Zombie Graveyard Rape Bonanza" (Online Jan. 2004)
Goretrade - Ritual Of Flesh (Colombia)

Gothminister - Gothic Electronic Anthems (Germany)
"Angel" (Online Jan. 2004)
"Devil" (Online Jan. 2004)
"Gothic Anthem" (Online Jan. 2004)
"Hatres" (Online Jan. 2004)
"Holy" (Online Jan. 2004)
"March Of The Dead" (Online Jan. 2004)
"Post Ludium" (Online Jan. 2004)
"Pray" (Online Jan. 2004)
"Shadows Of Evil Sins" (Online Jan. 2004)
"The Possession" (Online Jan. 2004)
"Wish" (Online Jan. 2004)
Grand Magus - Monument (Sweden)
"Brotherhood Of Sleep" (Online Feb. 2004)
"Chooser Of The Slain (Valfader)" (Online Feb. 2004)
"Chooser Of The Slain (Valfader)" (Online Feb. 2004)
"Ulvaskall (Vargr)" (Online Feb. 2004)
Gruesome Stuff Relish - Splatterhouse/Gruesome Stuff Relish - Split (Spain)
"The Last Survivor" (Online Jan. 2004)
Guernica - Senza Censure (Italy)
"Agrado" (Online Jan. 2004)
"I.U.D." (Online Jan. 2004)
"Medea" (Online Jan. 2004)

H - 51 MP3s

HammerFall - Legacy Of Kings (Sweden)
"At The End Of The Rainbow" (Online Feb. 2004)
"Back To Back" (Online Feb. 2004)
"Dreamland" (Online Feb. 2004)
"Heeding The Call" (Online Feb. 2004)
"Legacy Of Kings" (Online Feb. 2004)
"Let The Hammer Fall" (Online Feb. 2004)
"Remember Yesterday" (Online Feb. 2004)
"Stronger Than All" (Online Feb. 2004)
"The Fallen One" (Online Feb. 2004)
"Warriors Of Faith" (Online Feb. 2004)
Hammers Of Misfortune - The August Engine (USA)
"A Room And A Riddle" (Online Jan. 2004)
"Insect" (Online Jan. 2004)
"The Trial And The Grave" (Online Jan. 2004)
Hanker - Snakes And Ladders (Canada)
"Ad Padres" (Online Jan. 2004)
"Confidence Man" (Online Jan. 2004)
"Far From The Cradle" (Online Jan. 2004)
"Hail To You" (Online Jan. 2004)
"The Pardoner" (Online Jan. 2004)
Hate - Awakening Of The Liar (Poland)
"Close To The Nephilim" (Online Mar. 2004)
"The Scrolls" (Online Mar. 2004)
HateSphere - Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed And Something Black (Denmark)
"Bark At The Moon" (Online Feb. 2004)
"Caught In A Mosh" (Online Feb. 2004)
"Hate (Live)" (Online Feb. 2004)
"Lowlife Vendetta (Live)" (Online Feb. 2004)
"Plague (Live)" (Online Feb. 2004)
"Release The Pain" (Online Feb. 2004)

Helix - No Rest For The Wicked (Canada)
"Does A Fool Ever Learn" (Online Feb. 2004)
"Heavy Metal Love" (Online Feb. 2004)
"Never Want To Lose You" (Online Feb. 2004)
Helix - Walking The Razors Edge (Canada)
"Gimme Gimme Good Lovin'" (Online Feb. 2004)
"Make Me Do (Anything You Want)" (Online Feb. 2004)
"Rock You" (Online Feb. 2004)
Hexxed - Transgression (Ireland)
"Primacy" (Online Jan. 2004)
Hidden In The Fog - Abstract Maelstrom Paragon (Germany)
"Dignity's Fall" (Online Jan. 2004)
"Mirages Of Redemption" (Online Jan. 2004)
Highland Glory - From The Cradle To The Brave (Norway)
"From The Cradle To The Brave" (Online Mar. 2004)
"One Last Chance" (Online Mar. 2004)
"Wear Your Gun To Neverland" (Online Mar. 2004)
Hour Of Penance - Disturbance (Italy)
"Inhaling Disbelief" (Online Feb. 2004)
"Mystification As Law" (Online Feb. 2004)
Houwitser - Damage Assessment (Netherlands)
"Skineater" (Online Jan. 2004)
Howling Syn - Forebearers Of Dusk (Canada)
"Black Moon" (Online Jan. 2003)
"Night Charmers" (Online Jan. 2003)
"Witches Of Avalon" (Online Jan. 2003)
Human Fortress - Defenders Of The Crown (Germany)
"Border Raid In Lions March" (Online Feb. 2004)
"Gladiator Of Rome" (Online Feb. 2004)
"Gladiator Of Rome" (Online Feb. 2004)
"Mortal's Sinful Wrath" (Online Feb. 2004)
"Schattentor" (Online Feb. 2004)
"Siege Tower" (Online Feb. 2004)
Human Mincer - Embryonized (Spain)
"Cerebral Torture" (Online Mar. 2004)

I - 23 MP3s

Ilium - Sirens Of The Styx (Australia)
"Insipience: Beowulf Defeats Grendel" (Online Feb. 2004)
Ill Niño - Confession (Peru)
"How Can I Live" (Online Jan. 2004)
Image - Drowning In The Sea Of Life (USA)
"Dead Or Alive" (Online Jan. 2004)
Impaled Nazarene - All That You Fear (Finland)
"Armageddon Death Squad" (Online Jan. 2004)
"Halo Of Flies" (Online Jan. 2004)
"Recreate Thru Hate" (Online Jan. 2004)

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